The Charlie’s Angels of Communications

When asked to talk about the work of the brand-new Communications Department of United Synagogue at a staff meeting held two months ago, I evoked the heroines of the 70’s television show “Charlie’s Angels,” a description that drew easy laughter.

It wasn’t just the image of Rabbi Steven Wernick purring “Hello Angels” mysteriously over the phone that made everyone laugh, though; it was the inadvertent aptness of the image of my department as high-octane goddesses of the impossible.

Within a very short period of time, Andrea Glick, Gila Drazen and I have cohered into a department that feels more like a sisterhood of supercharged detectives, with a fourth member located oceans away – Bonnie Ras, our woman in Jerusalem.

With high spirits and a healthy measure of good humor, United Synagogue’s very own “Charlie’s Angels” have been on the case. First and foremost, we constitute a go-to team within United Synagogue for the dissemination of important information internally…and to the outside world as well. Beyond that, well…the sky’s the limit.

Our responsibility is vast – encompassing every department and program under the rubric of United Synagogue. Operation Tent of Abraham and Sarah? We have hosted a press conference and gotten the word out nationally about United Synagogue’s remarkable leadership and involvement. Sulam’s many “rungs”? We are there to write and edit promotional copy and help create materials for this winning program. Juicing up the communications for the upcoming staff retreat? On it.  The new partnership with USY and the Israel Association of Baseball? We’re tweeting, posting and writing about it, working to get press coverage, sharing the good news. Rabbi Wernick’s latest thoughts on the month of Elul? It goes on his blog, which gets hundreds of views a day.

Heading into the fall and towards our Centennial Celebration next fall, our department has identified a number of priorities:

  • Reversing the Narrative of Decline of USCJ and the Movement
  • Changing the Cost Benefit Equation of Services/Dues to Kehillot and meeting Kehillot needs
  • Increasing the Visibility of Rabbi Wernick Online and in Print Media
  • Creating Centennial Messaging
  • Rebranding USCJ
  • Redesigning CJ Magazine
  • Launching CJ Online as a Cyber-Portal for Jews in the EpiCenter
  • Developing Consistent and Compelling Materials for our Programs and Cases for Giving

Seems like a daunting list, no?

Of course it is!

But we’re Charlie’s Angels, high-octane goddesses of the impossible.

And like the original Charlie’s Angels, we’re just crazy about the guy we work for.

Shira Dicker, Communications Consultant


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