Extending Our Reach Through “Faiths United”

USCJ  is “united” with more than synagogues.  It  is also an active member of Faiths United, a coalition of 36 faith organizations that come together to help deal with many of the social concerns which are part of our home communities.

In the past few months, Faiths United has partnered with First Lady Obama’s Let’s Move Initiative, through which we can help both our kids and adults by thinking about serving healthy foods at religious schools, onegs and kiddush. Kehillot are urged to join, as well. I attended a conference of faith leaders from all parts of the religious and religious-health community to help build the coalition. Our KRMs had an opportunity to hear from the organizers directly to help connect USCJ’s kehillot to this national effort.

We are also partnered with Faiths United to Prevent Gun Violence in an ongoing effort to make our streets safer.  While not affiliated with Project H.O.O.D., the group works towards the same goals.  We were also part of Faiths United Against Tobacco and their work to help keep tobacco products out of the hands of children.

Working together with our partner religious organizations, USCJ has been an involved part of the organized religious communities’ efforts to build a better tomorrow.

Rabbi Paul Drazen

Special Assistant to the CEO



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