The Tech Front

The IT department has been hard at work creating and maintaining systems for not only our staff but also for many of our kehillot. We have migrated almost all of our web hosting services to a more advanced system, a process in which we worked with hundreds of kehillot whose websites and email are hosted through our systems.

One of the most interesting things we’ve been working on is a new initiative, sponsored by UJA-Federation of New York’s SYNERGY program, exploring the synagogue management and database software market. We are working alongside representatives of the URJ and the OU on this historic and exciting project. Focus groups have been completed and interviews are underway by a consulting group that will provide a special report about existing products and associated findings which should be available in early Fall.

IT is working with several other departments – including Teen Learning, Kehilla Strengthening and Transformation, Development and Marketing, and the Book and Media Center – to improve, streamline and transform their existing processes. Some examples:

  • Rolling out a new Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) that  tracks interactions with kehillot;
  • Moving USY summer programs data to the cloud;
  • Working on fundraising systems integration;
  • Creating the ability to accept promo codes on the Book and Media Center website.

Overall, we have been making our systems easier to use and more effective for our staff and our kehillot.

Marty Kunoff, Director of IT


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