What’s This I Hear About a Centennial?

In the continental office, plans are underway for the Centennial Celebration of USCJ and our kehillot, set to take place next October 13-14 (with a  Shabbaton from October 11-13) at the historic and beautiful Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland over Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

Our Co-Chairs, Margo Gold  and Jack Finkelstein, are working closely with several senior staff members —  including Kathy Elias, Shira Dicker, Andrea Glick,  Jerry Herman and Rabbi Charles Savenor — to develop an exciting blueprint for this historic and forward-looking celebration. Plans will include extensive outreach and marketing to the many audiences within the Conservative world and an engaging, multi-faceted Centennial program.

Against the backdrop of one of the most dynamic urban waterfronts in the United States,  and with the cradle of American history at our doorsteps , we will honor the past 100 years of Conservative Judaism,  including our founders and those synagogues in operation for a century or more.  We will also celebrate the present and future, exploring the vibrancy of today’s Conservative movement and its kehillot. There will be study sessions with outstanding Jewish educators and leaders, and the chance to share ruach through singing and other events. We will engage in a dialogue with some of the smartest minds in the Jewish world  about our collective efforts to strengthen and revitalize Conservative Judaism, our kehillot and the dynamic center of Judaism in North America.

We hope this event, and the preparations leading up to it, will inform and energize all who attend. We hope it will be a time of joyful celebration and meaningful connection, a chance to gain practical insights and deep understanding. Finally, we hope it will be fun and meaningful to all involved.

More details on the celebration will come over the next several weeks, including our central theme and major programs. In the meantime, we wanted you, our leaders, to be the first to know so that you can spread the word  and  save the weekend on your calendars. Wherever you are, we hope you will come down, up, east or west to Baltimore and be a part of our best Convention yet!

–Adam Kofinas, Director of Facilities and Meetings Management


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